Thursday, October 10, 2013

365 Days of Zentangles - Day 34

Day 34. I managed to work 12 hours today, go to dinner, go to the grocery store (dinner/grocery store w/ the husband!), started the beef jerky, did my tangle, did some dishes.

Trying out a new idea for beef jerky. I haven't been making it nearly as often (I think only 1 time) since giving up soy. The only commercially available jerky I can eat as of now is Kirkland Steak Strips (which are delicious, but I'd rather make my own). Tonight's marinade involved coconut aminos, fish sauce, and a secret ingredient. Once I actually taste the jerky I'll reveal the secret ingredient.

One of my co-workers commented on the fact I was eating a homemade breakfast (my "no"tmeal made from chia, sunflower seeds and coconut) and that I always bring my lunch. She wanted to know how I had time to do all that with work and school. Making good food doesn't always take a ton of time. It's a matter of planning. There are some days I can have dinner done in 20 minutes if I've given it forethought and spent a bit of time prepping on Sunday.

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