Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 33. We tried Pica Pica today. It was AWESOME! Venezuelan food. 100% gluten free. Nothing to worry about on that particular food. I even managed to avoid the corn! We got yucca fries and nachos made with taro chips...... and delicious crispy chicken... So full. Super gut bomb in a way I haven't had in forever!

Got a call today about the Bristol Hospice annual memorial service at the Rudolph Steiner college. I have a midterm that night but I've emailed my professor to see if I can make other arrangements. If that happens I'm taking the day off and going. It will be good to see some of the people who made a huge difference in our lives. It's weird to think Jesse's been gone for almost 3 years now. Some days it feels like just yesterday he was yelling at me about my scarves and trying to be Stevie Nicks (I was not trying to be Stevie Nicks, I just had found some rad scarves). He'd be dying now if he saw my mocs (or the sweet ass boots I'm getting ready to order).

Sometimes it's weird to think of using that phrase. "he'd just die" about someone who's passed. But really, he'd mock me to no end. Sometimes it's weird not having him around to mock my hippie ways (and I'm way more of a hippie now than I was 3 years ago).

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