Sunday, October 6, 2013

365 Days of Zentangles - Day 30

Day 30! I had to go on an epic journey to find some place to get a money order, so that ate a good portion of my morning (I didn't get Placerville apples).

I made a killer coconut banana mousse (I had planned it out to be pie filling, but am currently out of arrowroot - I made it anyway to test the flavor/texture).

I finally listed cupcake toppers in our Etsy store,

Justin posed an interesting question to me about the current project. Could the tangles be adapted to a 3D model environment, therefore allowing me to create 3D sculptures daily.

I don't know any organic modeling software, so I'm on the hunt to find one that I can learn easily.

I checked out the 123D suite from Adobe today, thinking "oh awesome. 123D Design would be an enhancement over some of the limitations in TinkerCAD. It's not.

There is no import/export feature. I use illustrator to create a lot of my line art and import into TinkerCAD. I thought "woo, I can add chamfers and fillets using 123D Design" Nope. Not at all. Because I can't bring my work from illustrator (another Adobe product) into the app.

So then I was thinking "oooo 123D Sculpt could be an option for this idea of digital tangles to print." To my dismay, it is only available for iPAD. WTF? Seriously? It can't be utilized as a web app? It can't be made available to android? No thanks. I'm not a fan of anything that is iOS only.

Keep an eye out for reviews of various entry level 3D tools. I'm pretty good with the 2D and illustration, but AAU's IDS program didn't really have a huge emphasis on 3D modeling (it was very much still grounded in the olden ways of hand rendering and hand modeling). 3D printing was entirely glossed over in my production processes class.

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