Saturday, October 5, 2013

365 Days of Zentangles - Day 29

Day 29. I went for a drive. Justin had to go to a client's in Sonoma today, so I went with him and drove to the coast. I got coffee at my most favorite coffee shop. I got stuck behind tons of cyclists (apparently the Levi's Gran Fondo was going on today.

I drove through Sebastapol. It made it feel like fall for me. There were orchards filled with apples. Pumpkins everywhere. Sometimes I miss that about Placerville. I miss the apples (though they are quickly being replaced by grapes).

I thought I had less time than I actually had (Justin was working longer than planned), so I didn't get any apples. I really want to make an apple pie using the rad sunflower seed crust I came up with. Perhaps I will get some Placerville apples at the farmers market tomorrow.

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