Sunday, September 29, 2013

365 Days of Zentangles - Day 22

This box of band-aids made me wish I had a paper cut or something (damn being mostly paperless these days! - I have no excuse for cute band-aids).

I've started my multi-day 9x12 zentangle. I know I said I was going to stretch it out to 7 days, but if I finish before that, it's cool. It was more about working outside of the 3x3 square and going larger. Perhaps at some point during this project, I'll go 11x17 or 18x24.

I had a thought today as I was driving home from the vet's office. Homeless people spend a LOT of time laying down. I saw a guy meander about, unfurl his sign and lay down. He then propped his sign against himself. If you are going to panhandle, at least have the energy to hold your damn sign.

Oh, btw, I got accepted into SFSU for spring. I can finish my degree. Yay. Eff you and your retarded tuition AAU.

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