Saturday, July 20, 2013

TinkerCAD - New Features!

I've proclaimed my excitement again and again about the return of TinkerCAD. Autodesk saved them from the abyss and they are making improvements.

TinkerCAD is currently free for everyone and allows multiple designs with a free account. Previously, a free account only allowed you to create and edit ONE design. I had upgraded to a paid account briefly to allow more than one design at a time, which had unlocked the Shape Scripts feature.

Well, I don't know squat about parametric programming so editing the Java Script to devise and edit shapes was a bit over my head. They do have some handy sliders that allow you to change the parameters of the shapes without knowing how to edit Java script. Here's a quick look at it.


Another really cool new feature they've added is "Edit Grid". Previously they let you choose between metric and imperial and the snap tolerances.  Time for an upgrade.

You can now choose from several popular 3D printers so your grid is set to your bed size.  They started out with Makerbot and Objet (both of which are owned by Stratasys). I hopped on their blog and requested Type A Machines Series 1 (the LaserGnomes preferred printer). A few of the members of the Series 1 forums hopped on as well.  Well, that was July 18th. It's currently July 20th.

And they've added Type A Machines Series 1!!!!!!!!

If you haven't given TinkerCAD a go, I suggest you do. It's pretty awesome stuff.  Perhaps you have an idea of something you want to make but don't have the CAD skills to make it happen (don't worry, most people don't have the CAD skills!).  TinkerCAD can make that happen.

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