Monday, July 29, 2013

Welcome to the Gnomery!

Super exciting news over here at the Gnomery.

We just welcomed printer #2 to the fold.

L0n3r on the left and Furb13 on the right
Printer number 2 is a refurb from Type A Machines.  Justin got it working this morning (I was super excited at work all day knowing it was up and running!).  So we're calling it Furb13 (pronounced Furby), since it's a refurbished machine.

It's exciting for a number of reasons including the fact that some of my garden stake designs have started selling.  That coupled with the MakeXZY volume we've been getting was going to cause a bit of backlog (plus we have a few more projects in the works).

We had been discussing another printer seriously for a while.

We're making it happen with the help of Type A Machines.

Justin did some work to get Furb13 up and running this morning and printed up some clips for Furb13.  We're currently printing a garden stake AND a decoder ring at the same time!

Here's some video of Furb13 hard at work

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