Thursday, July 18, 2013

EBay NOW (what!?!?!)

I'm sure I've mentioned my dismay at the Ebay NOW commercials I've heard on Pandora.

The first one was some dude at Delores Park who didn't want to harsh his mellow by running around the corner to get sunblock when he realized he was getting a sunburn.  He pulls out his smart phone, uses the Ebay NOW app to order sunblock. Delivered to his person in about an hour.

By that time you would totally be sunburned. We have a CVS or Walgreens on just about every corner in San Francisco. He could take 5 minutes to walk around the corner to get some sunblock, but really he should have sunblocked prior to going to the park. Once you start burning, you aren't really going to stop it.

The other commercial is a dude having a BBQ.  Oh noes. We're out of charcoal.  What does he do? Pulls out the smartphone, uses Ebay NOW and orders some charcoal.  For delivery. In about an hour.

I'm pretty sure when I decide to hold a BBQ, I check to see if I have the basics. BBQ. Charcoal. Meat.  You know, the things that make it a BBQ.  I'm also pretty sure that my guests are likely going to come hungry.  I don't want to put the meal behind by up to an hour waiting on charcoal.

Well, Justin used Ebay NOW today and it was perfect.  He was in need of NERF.

Our closest retailer is City Target (or as we call it, Rape Target).  City Target is somehow different than regular Target. This means they have higher prices, less stuff and bad attitudes.  They DO NOT honor Target prices. They will only price match their OWN ad (Not the Target ad, only the CITY Target ad).

So instead of going to Tanforan or Redwood City to go to Target, he used EBay NOW.  Order placed. Order Accepted. And we had NERF delivered to our doorstep in about 40 minutes. With a $5 delivery charge. Say what?!?!

If you need to return an item, they will even pick it up and return it for you!

The only drawback is the limited service area for now.  They are testing in San Francisco, San Jose and New York City.

Here's Justin's video review.

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