Monday, February 18, 2013


R2 D0NT (our TAM 3D Printer) now has a Facebook page.  He started behaving and has started receiving rewards for his behavior modifications.

One reward R2 D0NT received was thumb screws for bed leveling.  Thumb screws don't sound like much, but considering that having a level bed is priority number 1 for good printing and the previous method involved tiny tools and a lot of patience (hex wrench and wrench to adjust very small screws), thumb screws are a god send.
The original tools for the bed leveling process
Hex Wrench and box wrench
The original plate mount assembly (adjusted using the above
hex wrench/box wrench combo)
The plate mount assembly removed from R2 D0NT
The Thumb Screw Assembly (adjusted just with your thumbs!)
Another view of the thumb screw assembly
Previously leveling the bed was a very tedious process that made the dentist seem like a good time.  The thumb screws have made it so much easier.  The guys at TAM listened to user feedback and came up with a great solution for bed leveling.  

Unfortunately, our bed is warped.  The print bed is made from acrylic which can be warped by high heat or any other number of things.  We've ordered a new bed and Justin has printed a rail mount for a Z Limiter to help make leveling the bed even quicker (it is also how we confirmed our bed was warped).  

I'm most excited in that we have worked out a lot of the bugs, we're getting proper extrusion temperatures sorted (it varies by color) and we're actually printing!  

We went from this (pulling our hair out all the while)
And THIS! 

And THIS! (yes it's glowing in the dark!)

 That's right!  We're printing GLOW IN THE DARK PLA.  That means it's awesome and glows but it's also a biodegradable plastic!

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  1. Notice the dueces I'm throwing up to that original bed leveling non-sense.

    PEACE OUT alpha solutions make way for Big B Beta.