Sunday, February 24, 2013

Get to work R2 D0NT

Okay, so last time we checked in with R2 D0NT, he had his own facebook page.

Well, he's been forced to get a job now.  R2 D0NT is available for commission work!

LaserGnomes is pleased to say they have joined the MakeXYZ community.

What is MakeXYZ you ask?

MakeXYZ is a community of 3D print operators that are available for hire to print your 3D objects.  Printer operators list their available materials/colors and cost based upon volume.  People looking to have their objects printed can look based upon their zip code to have print jobs done locally.  After your object has been printed, the printer can ship the object to you OR make arrangements for pick up/drop off.

Currently R2 D0NT is printing at $1.00 per cubic centimeter for PLA.  We currently offer Black, Blue (translucent) and White.

We will be offering additional colors soon.

We are also going to begin testing on using the dual heads of our machine so bi-color printing will be available as well.

Stay tuned for a fantastic project we've been working on.  I can't share it just yet, but I have to say I'm very excited about it.

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