Friday, September 13, 2013

356 Days of Zentangles - Day 7

I did it!  I made it through an entire week of tangles. Now if only I can commit to actual exercise in the same way (I walk at least 3 miles a day though so that counts for something, right?).

I have to say it's nice having a project that is just mine. I'm not trying to design stuff to sell. I'm not trying to keep anyone else on track. It's basically an hour of me time. Perhaps it will become less time, but I'm still holding on to the "do it right" mentality, which takes me a while to lose on any project.

Yesterday I commented on seeing only 3 people urinating in public. Today I had a thought while at work about bathroom etiquitte. There are 7 offices or something like that on our floor. One office is a physical therapists office.There are two toilets on the entire floor, so there is frequently a line. There is a large number of people who DON'T flush. EWWWWWW.

I'm all for "if it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down" but that's only when you are at home. Alone. Not when the spouse is home. Not when housemates are home. You most definitely should be alone if you are going to abide by these rules. You definitely don't let it mellow in a public bathroom.

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