Sunday, June 9, 2013

Do Work!

My posting has been spotty at best over the last two months or so (I was doing pretty well for a while though!). 

Semester is done. Wedding has happened. I have to say the last few days of no work, no school and no planning looming over me has been awesome, but it's time to get back to work. 

There are so many projects I want to get done this summer before school starts back up in September. 

We completed the honey do list this weekend (installed a shelf in one of our kitchen cabinets, fixed the back of a cabinet drawer that was completely missing, installed some bright tract lighting over the 3D printer, vacuumed with our new vacuum, etc), which means I can get down to some creative work (though I really hope to be able to paint our room in July - it's a weird mix of gray blue, purple and orange). 

I am going to do a post with all of our wedding stationary featured. We did all of the save the dates, invitations, reply cards, map cards and the like.  Our Save the Dates were some of the most awesome I've seen to date (not that I'm biased or anything).  I am going to start printing the face of our thank you cards this week so I can send them out. They will, of course, match the rest of the set.  

I've been doing some work on a few jewelry pieces using the 3D printer. The first two pieces I made were for my bridesmaids. In my haste, I didn't really take any good pictures though. Hopefully some of the others have captured the necklaces. Or I have a really good excuse to get together with my ladies.

Another project I'm working on is some garden markers. I got moved to a full sun plot so I'm going to have something more than just herbs and lettuce.  I am going to 3D print the markers, but am working out the process of utilizing fonts I have installed on my computer (TinkerCAD has a default font but I don't want to use it). There are a few steps to it, but I'm working on a tutorial video to post (as much as I HATE videos - I realize most people would rather watch something than read/look at still images) showing how to utilize your own fonts in TinkerCAD. This gives a lot of people a great platform for working out their designs and since not everyone has a 3D printer handy, they can still go to MakeXYZ or contact us regarding 3D printing services. Our printing services cover a range of resolutions to choose from depending on your needs.  LaserGnomes has the following resolutions available: Low, Medium, High and Ultra

Keep coming back for updates on my projects as the roll along this summer. We here at LaserGnomes have some great things in the works. 

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