Saturday, April 6, 2013

Welcome M0rt1m3r

We welcomed our 3rd robo-child today (as Justin termed it) to the Gnomery today.  M0rt1m3r, my new e-Craft arrived today.

I have wanted a craft cutter FOREVER.  Wedding invites turned out to be the best excuse to get one.  

Here is the unveiling video: 

In addition to cutting it also does "printing" with a pen plotter.  A lot of the other cutters have the ability to do that, but you have to switch out heads.  

Well, not with M0rt1m3r!  He has a dual head (upgrayedd)!  R2-D0nt is also a dual head machine.  This is how we roll in the Gnomery.  

I've done some test cuts and it takes a bit of getting used to (I had pretty good results using 12x12, a few issues with 8.5x11, but moving a paper guide solved the issue).  

I'm getting ready to test print an invitation on cut paper.  I'll let you know how it worked! 

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