Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Quad Copter~

Justin is obsessed with quad copters.  The joy he gets from his tiny quad copter and his plans to get a more advanced one are great.  He asked last week "what is your quad copter?"

I have to say I found it. At least for now anyway.  I can't have an Epilog Laser in my room.  I wish I could. Seriously.  That would be the most bad ass thing ever. I have laser envy. We went to visit Type A last week and I saw they got the Fusion. I wanted to hang out there forever (once they got it working!).

Well, tomorrow I'm getting a new toy. The Craftwell e-Craft.

I have used the Cricut and was super disappointed that it doesn't work with Sure Cuts A Lot anymore (Provocraft sued the pants off SCL because it was a way to circumvent the stupid cartridges and allowed people to cut their own designs).  Obviously, I am going to want to cut my own designs. It would be stupid to rely on cartridges. 

I was going to get the Silhouette Cameo.  I saw it a few months ago at Blick and thought I'd wait until a 40% off coupon came out.  Well, I did that, and lo and behold, they put the dang thing on sale the same day the coupon started. No Coupon For YOU! 

I started looking at the e-Craft when I saw it on  I found a 15% off coupon and was ready to head over after work to pick one up.  Wouldn't you know. Coupon is IN STORE ONLY and the e-Craft is online only. 

Seriously, the world was conspiring to keep me from having my craft cutter. 

I go to Amazon because Amazon loves me and always has what I want and I get free 2 day shipping with Prime.  But really I want the cutter like yesterday.  I need to cut my wedding invitations, RSVP cards and maps and get everything sent out this weekend.  

One of the perks of living in San Francisco is Amazon Saturday delivery.  For only $8.99 I am getting my e-Craft delivered to me tomorrow.  No $20-$50 shipping and still not getting it until the middle of next week.  I paid $8.99 and I get it tomorrow. 

For me, one of the selling points is the fact that it's mat free (and there is a roll feed attachment).  What does that mean? All of the other craft cutters utilize sticky mats to hold the material in place while cutting.  It's a pain.  The mats are pricey. They smell something awful. All your parts get stuck to the mat (I think I've ripped more paper trying to pull it off the mat than anything else using the Cricut).  

e-Craft can be used with a mat (from what I've read) but it leaves tiny tabs to hold the cuts into place without a mat.  I'm totally cool with that.  Some other bloggers totally bitched about these tiny tabs. Seriously?  You can clean them up. No big deal.  I've got enough tools of various types (cutting, grinding and the like) to remove a tiny nub. 

I will post more as I figure it out (consensus seemed that there was a bit of a learning curve - but there seems to be two camps: the scrapbooker that wants cartridges and artists who are willing to figure it out. Guess which one I am?). 

All I can say right now is "I'm Ready! I'm Ready! I'm Ready-eddy-eddy!"

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