Sunday, February 10, 2013


The first week of school has been amusing to say the least.

Thursday was the first day of my figure modeling class.

I have never seen so many people not know how to swing a hammer, use a cordless drill, use a screwdriver or look like a deer in the headlights when handed a pair of pliers (or thingy as one dude called them). 

Granted I am the old lady of the class (at least the instructor is not younger than me), but by the age of 18 I knew how to wield some tools.  I mean who hasn't at least assembled some cheap piece of furniture in their life time?

I have to say the best part of class may have been roll call.  The instructor kept calling Cameron. Cameron. Cameron.

A guy speaks up and says "I'm sorry, did you say Cameron?" to which the instructor replies "yes".  The student continues on to say "oh, it's not Cameron.  It's Kamran.  Pronounced KOM-RON, like dot com and Ron. But you can call me KOMMIE."

Nothing fun to report as far as pictures from this class, but there were a lot of kids going on and on about how hard building an armature is.  Imagine the flat voices of terrible hipsters saying "it's soooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard"

My California Art in Cultural Context class is killing me already.  Obviously the school has a lot of students in attendance from other states/countries because they have a fully online program.  Apparently California is the the real world magic kingdom from the things these people are saying.  I live in California and I can't stand when people say "Cali".  I am in a class full of people who can't wait to come to Cali for...... fill in the blank.  "It is the land of opportunity because it has room for all the people" as one person said.  "It is always nice there" stated by another person and so on.

We were discussing this photograph by Max Yavno

I just about fell over laughing when one student proclaimed that "People had less to worry about and finding jobs wasn't that hard" in relation to the observations that people look fit and healthy in this photo even though there are adverts for "junk food" in the background.  This discussion progressed into how Californians are obsessed with their bodies, but that's okay because the climate is good for working out and we have a lot of plastic surgeons.

Here's some work for my Graphic Design Principles class that I have done so far.

I have one additional assignment that is currently in the oven for this class, so you'll have to check back later :)

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