Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Clay D'oh

I managed to bust through the reading and quizzes for 3 classes yesterday during my commute (I have to say taking the train, even with possible delays is great for that part of school work!)

Tonight I worked on my homework for my figure modeling class.  I had to sculpt a cube, tapered cylinder and an egg.  

I have to say that working with the clay itself is not causing quite as much pain as I had feared, though after class on Thursday I had experienced some pain (and got a massage that night).  I am really hopeful that orthopedic massage is going to help me through this class.  I'm really glad to have found a therapist that does ortho massage when I did. 

I did come to the realization that I am going to need to keep my nails pretty short this semester.  I'm not one that gets acrylics or anything like that, but my nails grow out fairly long and strong.  I ran into the first problem with that tonight when my nail sliced through one edge of my cube while I was working on the cylinder.  Sure, I could have placed the cube somewhere else, but that doesn't really do me much good when the next moment, my nail pokes the surface of the cylinder.  

I'm pretty optimistic that I will like this class at this point.  It seems interesting, it will be good to build on my human skills from last semester AND the students in this class are going to make me say "WTF?" on a regular basis (Really though, that is the students in all of my classes). 

On the agenda for this week: 

Redesign of CA license plate (CA Art in Cultural Context)
Balance and Movement using 10 Arrows (Graphic Design)
Using Letter Forms as Shape (Graphic Design)
Begin building form using geometric shapes (Figure Modeling)

Here are some photos of my homework assignment (due this Thursday)

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