Wednesday, October 23, 2013


But I'm really not sure what day to call it. I think it would be #38 based upon the sequence from when I was doing it daily. While I haven't been doing a tangle daily, I have been "making" daily. "Time Goes By" took quite a few days of work and layout to get it all assembled and framed.

We also went to the Elder Gnome's home to do some metal casting. That was pretty rad and a few more crucibles have been obtained. Which means more metal types. Which means brass. I need to figure out some modeling software and make something for my gramps. Every time I see brass, I think of him. Before his hands (and head) started bothering him a lot, he spent a lot of time buffing brass. Every time we include antique brass items in a collection at work, I think of my gramps! He should have been buying up used brass and selling it on Etsy! We sell so much brass (and throw pillows, which I still don't get the point of).

I did tangle today. I went in to work late so I could help Justin with some additional rack installation and got home around 8. I did some yoga (I highly recommend for home practice - there's a lot of variety and it costs less than drop in at a single class!).

I had a thought recently about homeless people. Perhaps they are so fried in part due to dehydration (it can make you pretty weird). They are often wearing 5-6 layers of clothes, they drink mostly alcohol (I've never seen a bum drink a bottle of water) and they are exposed to the elements all the time. Something to think about.

Time for bed.

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