Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blah blah blah so mad (at eCraft)

Okay, I'm still working on M0rt issues. While it seems that MTC is a bit more stable using Win7 64bit v 32bit, there are some issues with M0rt himself (or it could be eCraftshop Pro. In fact, give me a minute and I will check that.)

Okay, I'm back. There was still some slight snagging using MTC, but nothing to compared to the amount using eCraftshop Pro. While I can't entirely confirm based upon 2 quick tests to create a video to show a CS rep that I'm NOT talking about paper getting caught in the rollers, it does seem there are some flaws in eCraftshop Pro.

The first thing I notice is that MTC slows the cuts WAY down. It also seems to prioritize cuts in a different manner and cuts closer to a row formation than jumping back and forth between front and back of paper. For the life of me, I can't figure out how eCraftshop Pro prioritizes cuts. It doesn't make a difference if you select the prioritize cuts check box or not.

You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything awesome in a few days. Well, that is in part due to the issues I'm trying to resolve. You can't do work if your shit isn't straight.

 I don't want to get all snippy with the CS person because that doesn't really make things better. But to tell me that I have way too many objects in my file (40 circles with a line half way through) is ridiculous. If there are object limitations, please be honest with it. Don't allow your software to work on anything over ___ number of cuts. I certainly wouldn't have purchase it if that were the case and they were honest about it.

In fact, here's the email I got:

"I can see why it snags. There are over 40 images on this one file!
The machine most likely will snag on already cut portions of the page when repositioning and moving the paper / trolly around, not when it is making the actual cut.
Realistically, there is no real solution to this other than to decrease the amount of circles your are cutting.
If you have multiple images already cut and they run across the trolly enough times, its gonna snag them. It's simply physics.

I would recommend just putting your tab settings to the highest possible before starting the cut.

The tabs should help keep the already cut circles in place (for the most part) and help your cutting.

Or re-create the .svg so that the eCraft cuts in order from left to right, top to bottom. "
I was pretty specific that the snagging occurs when the blade enters the paper in my initial email. It snags the paper on the first cut. You can't say that's "physics".

This would all be absolved if I had a laser. Then I would just risk burning the paper edges (which could be a really cool effect).

I did make cookies tonight. I was going to dress as Retro Kitchen for work tomorrow (we're supposed to dress as our favorite collection), but I think I'm going as Artists Den instead.

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