Tuesday, September 10, 2013

365 Days of Zentangles (Days 1-4)

It's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been super busy with a new job that is great. School started (granted I've had to change my direction just a bit considering 3 more semesters at AAU was going to run about 30K) and I'm still trying to keep up with my elimination diet. SO much work.

I came this while perusing Amazon (I have to say Amazon can turn into a total time sink for me):

I'm not taking any studio classes this semester and thought this would be a great way to force myself to draw SOMETHING every day. 

I decided I'm going to do this for a full year instead of 6 weeks. It seemed pretty daunting to me at first, as I have trouble committing to things I say I'm going to do daily, aside from cooking (Just 2 weeks ago I said "oh, I'm totally doing one segment from Core Fusion each day" - I did day one and totally lost track of it).

I've made it through the first 4 days. 

Going forward, this also will mean I have to do a blog post a day for the next 361 days, which is quite the commitment as well! 

I came down with a crappy cold and even managed to get my "assignment" done for the day yesterday and today. My throat felt a bit scratchy on Sunday night and I didn't think much of it. Yesterday, it continued being super scratchy and I drank like 20 cups of tea at work trying to soothe it. By the time I walked home from work, I was shaking super hard (I totally thought it was because I carbbed out yesterday and didn't have enough protein). I came home from class last night and made sure I did my tangle before bed. I spent most of today sleeping or on the couch (Finished up Sleeper Cell - OMG you need to watch that show and had a mini Golden Girls marathon because my husband loves me so much). 

So I'm standing here at my desk with my basil, mint and sage tea ready to share days 1-4. Oh and a picture of a cupcake - I'm really proud of this picture of the cupcake and wish I would have had time to make these for our wedding. 

3D printed wedding cupcake toppers by LaserGnomes

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