Thursday, July 11, 2013

We make it happen (all the time)

Justin is hard at work.  He's acquired several NERF blasters and accessories over the last two years of LaserGnomes that are missing parts.

Well, he finally got one of the missing pieces and is hard at work reverse engineering it.  As I type, the first iteration of this battery cover is printing.  I'm pretty sure Justin hadn't even started work on the model for this piece when I got home at 7 p.m. today.  In a matter of 4 hours, he's gone from idea to model to print.

For those of you who don't know about the origins of the Gnomery and LaserGnomes, it started almost 2 years ago for a school project when Justin was finishing up his degree at AAU.

He was taking a green marketing class and was struck by the idea of trying to save NERF blasters from the thrift stores and landfills.  He began repairing and refurbishing used. It quickly spread to me scouring stores for NERF for the holiday rush (picture me driving my SUV filled top to bottom with NERF) and we've been going strong ever since.

I've done a bit of cosmetic modification, but nothing like Justin has been doing.  I wanted to know if girls would play with NERF just because it was pink, so I created the Princess Power Up.

Girls (and boys) loved it everywhere we went.  But the Firefly is kind of a crappy blaster.  It's cool because it lights up and shoots glowing darts but you really have to be close to hit a target of any sort. 

There have been quite a few iterations of the MasterKey in the NERF community. Many of them involve hot glue, duct tape or zip ties.  Well, those materials aren't quite up to Gnome standards.  Enter Justin. Super clean, barely noticeable integrator piece engineered and printed all in the Gnomery. 

Super clean cut job on the Rough Cut and a Gnomes designed and printed trigger mod as well (A few people were using screws to hold the Rough Cut trigger in place).

Justin's made a few improvements on the integrator (including clip retention) since the original iteration of the MasterKey. Behold the MasterKey 2.2 Extreme LG edition.

Here's a photo one of our customers sent us of the cosmetic mod they did after receiving their MasterKey from the Gnomery!

Nice Work Oliver! 
We wear a variety of hats here at the Gnomery.

We're here to help people achieve their dreams.

Have an idea?  We can help it happen.

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